Colin Devine

Wed. June 3 | 10:00 am PT

Outlook for the U.S. Life Insurance Industry After COVID-19

Colin Devine, Principal of C. Devine & Associates, examined the current status of the U.S. life insurance industry and how life insurers are doing amid COVID-19. Colin offers deep insights into what to expect in the coming months, the new “4% rule,” and how financial advisors are more important than ever as they guide clients through these unprecedented challenges.

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Colin Devine – C. Devine & Associates

Colin Devine is Principal of C. Devine & Associates as well as Operating Partner with Health Catalyst Capital, a venture capital fund that in high-growth InsurTech-enabled businesses. He is also a Research Fellow for the Alliance for Lifetime Income, a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization focused on helping educate Americans on the risk of outliving their savings so they can enjoy their retirement. A recognized industry thought leader, Colin is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and corporate events.