About Us

Based in Denver, Colorado, Financial Designs Ltd. is a recognized leader in wealth transfer planning for families of multi-generational wealth, and executive benefits planning for owners and key executives of large, privately-held and public companies.

Our planning process involves collaboration with all of our client’s key advisors. This collaboration gives our clients confidence that their choices and plans are heard and implemented. We proudly serve our clients as a trusted advisor and strive to create successful outcomes for the long term.

The Executive Team

Jerry Middel


Keith R. Fisher


Shawn M. Tidwell


Underwriting, Plan Design, Client Service and Administrative Team


Natasha Vollmuth
VP, Underwriting


Direct: 303.948.4080
Fax: 303.835.3824

Vickie Mann
Underwriting Coordinator


Direct: 303.948.4057
Fax: 303.558.4131

Plan Design

Mary Ann Hartsough
VP, Advanced Design


Direct: 303.948.4058
Fax: 303.731.3958

Donna Zach
VP, Advanced Design Analyst


Fax: 303.835.4569

Roberta Seabol
Design Analyst


Direct: 303.948.4058
Fax: 303.731.3958

Seamus Byrne
Design Analyst


Fax: 303.261.8375

Client Service

Mary Spelmanis
VP, Client Administration


Direct: 303.948.4059
Fax: 303.557.6144

Brenda Easter
VP, Executive Benefits


Fax: 303.382.4680

Linda Loui
Senior Client Service Admin.


Fax: 303.557.6212

Adam Green
Senior Client Service Admin.


Direct: 303.948.4064
Fax: 303.558.4137

Victoria R. Lucero
Senior Client Service Admin.


Direct: 303.948.4055
Fax: 303.557.6269

Maura Spangler
Client Service Administrator


Direct: 303.948.4052
Fax: 303.835.7207


Higgins Ernst
Executive Assistant


Direct: 303.948.4053
Fax: 303.835.7207

Tammy Roberts
Executive Assistant


Direct: 303.948.4051
Fax: 303.835.7207

Aly Pelchat
Marketing Executive Assistant


Direct: 303.948.4061
Fax: 303.835.7207