Wealth Transfer

Transferring wealth to the next generation is a complex and sensitive process that raises many questions.

  • How much should be passed on and when?
  • How do you pass on your estate without negatively impacting your children’s motivation?
  • Should heirs be treated equally?
  • How can you protect transferred wealth?
  • Will lifetime gifts jeopardize financial security?

Taking all of these questions into account, we work with families to create customized plans to bridge generational wealth.

Our Approach

Collaborating with your team of professional advisors, we help to build tailored and comprehensive plans that:

  • Clarify vision and planning objectives
  • Minimize estate and gift taxes
  • Integrate charitable strategies to create a philanthropic legacy consistent with your goals
2016 Wealth Transfer Planning Process_Chart-02

Our Products

Through our relationship with M Financial Group, our clients gain access to exclusively priced life insurance proprietary products. Many of these products feature pricing enhancements that are passed along to new as well as existing clients, a practice that is rare in the industry.